Flyers Embarrass Sabres With 4-3 Comeback Win

Flyers comeback

Ivan Provorov



I cannot believe what I have just seen in Buffalo. All hope was lost in Philadelphia after two periods of play in this game. Every sign possible was that the Sabres were going to win the game, but hold on a second. The Sabres are riding a seventeen game losing streak heading into this game. If that isn’t embarrassing enough, look at what just happened in the third period against the Flyers. Is it possible that a Flyers comeback was on the rise? Possibly.

The Buffalo Sabres had a 3-0 lead heading into the third period. This had a Sabres win all over the place. The memes were flying around against the Flyers as they would be on the wrong side of history. Instead, we saw a Flyers comeback of the ages. It all started with a goal from Kevin Hayes (11) just 1:50 into the third. It ended with the tying goal by Sean Couturier (10) with 1:19 left in the game. That goal forced overtime in this game and Ivan Provorov (5) sticks it to the Sabres faithful.



Sabres Continue to Suck

It isn’t anything new. The Buffalo Sabres suck at hockey and always have. They can’t even protect a three-goal third period lead against a team where the goaltending has sucked recently. The dominos are starting to fall with the Eric Staal trade and more are coming soon. Where did it go wrong? Obviously they checked out a period early and already declared victory like this past election. Their mental will to hold on to the win was shrunk and deflated as the Flyers kept scoring.

There aren’t any resolutions for this team. The players are frustrated and the fans hate this team, but overall, the culture is broken. No one is having fun playing on this team and that won’t translate to anything good in a rebuild. No young superstar is going to want to get drafted from this team, but they have no choice. After all, is said and done, this team isn’t anywhere close to being a competitive team.


Flyers Have Shown Some Life

This Flyers team looked dead in the water recently, but they have really woken up recently. Their goaltending seemed dead in recent games, but this is now back-to-back wins to get this team back in the hunt. This is a huge must if this team is going to make any noise in the playoffs. The elevation of play from their top forwards is also huge too. Giroux, Couturier, and Hayes scoring in this game should make Flyers fans feel good for the final stretch of the season.


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