Gabriel Landeskog Suspended Two Games

Gabriel Landeskog

Gabriel Landeskog



We are in the first week of the 2021-22 NHL season this week. There have been a bunch of firsts around the league already. Danton Heinen scored the first goal of the season. Ryan Donato scored the first goal in Seattle Kraken history. Now, we have our first suspension as a result of a play during the regular season. Blake Coleman is one of a few players that have already been suspended due to their actions in the pre-season. This time, the Department of Player Safety has come down of Colorado Avalanche captain Gabriel Landeskog.

Landeskog is coming off a very interesting offseason. After some ongoing negotiations with his team, he secured a long-term extension to stay with the club. His season is now off to a horrible start. Despite his team winning their first game against the Chicago Blackhawks last night 4-2, Gabriel Landeskog was involved in a very questionable play. On a play along the walls in the neutral zone, Landeskog hit Blackhawks’ forward Kirby Dach white Dach was on his knees. The hit resulted in no major injury to Dach, but the hit itself was a very dirty play. The hit results in Landeskog getting a two-game suspension.



Could Have Been Much Worse

Boarding someone is [robably the most dangerous play in the game of hockey. We have seen countless players’ careers ruined because of hits into the boards. This play could have been much worse for both Landeskog and Dach. Kirby Dach is very lucky he didn’t suffer any major injury on the play. Gabriel Landeskog is lucky he didn’t get extremely hurt either. If Dach had suffered a major injury, this suspension could have been a much longer and harsher punishment.

Dach is seen to be on his knees for a substantial amount of time before the hit. This gives Landeskog plenty of time to avoid any contact in this situation. He also initiates the hit while Dach is far away from the boards. This gives Dach no room to protect himself as he is hurled into the boards. Luckily, Dach got up from the hit right away. Landeskog was assessed a two-minute minor for boarding, but was that not enough in real-time?



Landeskog’s History

This is not the first time Gabriel Landeskog has been in trouble with the Department of Player Safety. This is the fourth suspension of Landeskog’s career so far. He was suspended in 2015 for an illegal check to the head. Landeskog was also suspended in both 2016 and 2017 for an illegal cross-check to the head. There is no doubting that Landeskog plays with an edge to his game. Sometimes, he can take it a little bit too far. These are the times that his skillful playing style is overshadowed by some reckless mistakes that have no business in the game of hockey.



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