Get John Moore Out of Boston

John Moore



I have seen enough. I am not the only fan in Boston that is over the John Moore experiment. He is such a brutal player. A complete liability in his own zone. Not only is he a giveaway machine, but he also can’t even get a clean breakout of his zone to save his life.



There are a few key plays that have sold me on ending this relationship. In the first period, we saw the Devils stay in the Bruins zone for what felt like five minutes of playtime. Who is the defenseman on that shift? Yes. Indeed it is John Moore. How about the player who turned it over in the neutral zone to lead to the Devils’ third goal? Yep. John Moore again.



If you haven’t noticed, John Moore is that defenseman who just got walked on the cross-ice pass. This poor play by Moore is a long time coming. When he was placed in favor of Connor Clifton for game 7 against St. Louis in 2019, I knew immediately it would be a disaster. The real question is “who will take the remaining three-years on this contract?”.

It surprises me to hear teams have called in on Moore in the past. There are a few teams I could see making a move for him. I feel like Chicago or Edmonton need another defenseman to boost their playoff push. Will they settle for a guy like Moore? Probably not, but we can dream.



The Bruins’ next game is on Sunday at Lake Tahoe against Philadelphia. If I am Bruce Cassidy, John Moore will not see the ice that day. I know this tweet is a joke, but I would rather take Urho over Moore right now.


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