Glass Door Defeats Mike Perry on Cuts



Mike Perry has lost another fight. This fight was outside of the cage this week. Perry decided to take on a glass door and was stopped as soon as the fight started. The glass door defeated Perry when the fight was stopped due to cuts. “Platinum” Perry has been on a downward spiral as of late. Perry has lost three of his last four fights. In that time, Perry has fired his coaches, brought in his girlfriend to coach him, tried to fight an older man at the bar drunk, missed weight by four and a half pounds, and now this.



Mike Perry seems to be doing everything he can to get cut by the UFC. Perry is extremely exciting inside the cage and outside for those with a twisted sense of humor. It’s truly a shame that if this downward spiral continues, we will likely end up missing his awesome KO power inside the UFC octagon. My advice to Perry is to hire a real coach, lay off the booze, and stay off social media. Do you think Mike Perry is in danger of being cut from the UFC? Let us know.


P.S. Stay safe, Platinum. It’s a pleasure watching you throw the hands and take the mic after a W.


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