Harry Kane Has Lost The Plot


When it comes to my beloved Tottenham Hotspur, I am very realistic. I understand the club’s place in world football. Also, I know better than to ever expect any player to stay forever. That’s why back in May when the news broke that Harry Kane wanted to leave almost every Tottenham fan understood. We all understood that Harry is one of the top players in the sport. He deserves Champions League Football. “We should let Harry go, he has always done well by the club”… That was the case until Monday.

Harry Kane has lost the plot.

What We Know:

Tottenham Hotspur fully expected the 28-year-old striker to report to the team Monday after his post-European Championship holiday. As the players made their way into Hotspur Way, word started to spread like wildfire that Harry had in fact not turned up for work. Kane’s decision was done with the intention of forcing the club’s hand. Harry Kane believes that he and the club have a “gentlemen’s agreement”. An agreement that Kane claims was made last summer between him and the club. The Agreement was that if they did not qualify for the Champions League, Harry Kane would be free to leave the club.

Reality Check Harry

Yes, Harry, I’m sure that is still the agreement but that doesn’t mean that they will just sell you to a rival for a discount. This whole protest from Kane’s camp is so misguided. It is no shock that his brother who is also his agent clearly has no fucking clue what he is doing. This is the same guy who in Harry’s absolute prime made him sign a 6-year contract.

You don’t get to drive the bus out of your club until your contract is rundown to 18 months at the earliest. Right now Harry has 3 years left on his deal, Daniel Levy NOT Harry Kane drives the bus.

The anger and frustration from the Harry Kane camp are misdirected. Just because you have an agreement to leave it does not mean that Daniel Levy and Spurs need to take a 40% discount on your fee. If Harry’s brother had any clue he would understand that their issue is with Man City. If Manchester City wants Harry Kane so bad why aren’t they willing to pay the asking price? Why has every media pundit been reporting that City has “no intention of breaking the bank” for Harry Kane. Should the question not be “Why don’t you want me” more than “Why can’t I leave?.”

Why This Situation Is Different From Years Past

To the pundits who say “This is what happened with Gareth Bale, Luka Modric, and Berbatov” that couldn’t be further from the truth. The big difference in those situations was the price tag was met. The club just didn’t want to sell those three. This is not the case here. The price tag has not been met and until it has been met Harry Kane better get comfortable at Tottenham, for at least another season.

This entire situation has put a stain on what was one of the best Tottenham Hotspur stories of the century. “He’s one of our own” the Tottenham fans have cheered for years. Kane was homegrown talent. Harry’s behavior this week has shown that he cares more for the name on the back of the jersey than the crest on the front. I hope Daniel Levy makes the big baby play all season at Spurs.


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