Hockey Is For Everyone, Yanic Duplessis Is Brave As Hell



Yanic Duplessis is a 17-year-old player that was drafted in the QMJHL by the Drummondville Voltigeurs. Earlier this week, he revealed he is gay. Unfortunately, this is big news in the hockey world, and hockey has a long way to go on its road to being inclusive to everyone. In an interview, Duplessis said, “It was a struggle for me, and it shouldn’t be,”. He is right sexual orientation shouldn’t matter and doesn’t affect if you can put the puck in the net, shut down opposing forwards, or stop a puck.

Yanic Duplessis is brave and heroic for helping to start this conversation. Hockey is for everyone, and hopefully, this inspires younger kids everywhere to be their true selves. Hats off to Yanic, all of us at Tarps Off Hockey support you and are proud of you.

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