Hold up…They’re bringing what back??

McDonald’s had decided to finally do what we’ve all been asking for… bring back Hi-C Orange Lavaburst.

Orange Hi-C has been gone for quite some time… nearly four years that this country has been deprived of happiness, but no more. The drink’s been receiving a good bit of attention from social media, and petitions were started to bring it back. I guess McDonald’s finally wisened up and gave the people what they needed. Sometime later this month, McDonald’s’ around the country will begin selling the drink again.

The amazing sensation that we’ve all missed so much.

If you’re just as excited as I am and want to know what McDonald’s is going to sell the drink, you can enter your zip code mcfinder.com to see what the closest location to you is. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to take a sip of this shit and enjoy my Big Mac and Fries the way it was intended.

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