Is David Krejci Done in Boston?

If you’ve made it this far, please enjoy the tirade of Boston Bruins fans freaking out in the Twitter/Facebook replies.


Getting to the point of this article, no it’s not likely that David Krejci’s time in Boston is coming to an end. However, one fan noticed something quite peculiar on the Boston Bruins online shop.


Following the release of their beautiful “Reverse Retro” jerseys (yes, they’re beautiful; fight me), fans were quick to realize that Zdeno Chara’s jersey was still available, despite contract negotiations stalling between the two parties. One name that wasn’t offered, however, was David Krejci’s.


This was a quite confusing site to see, but is it one Bruins fans should be worried about? Of course not.


However, I guess if everyone is going to freak out regardless, it should be noted that Krejci is on the final year of his six-year contract. But again, it’s a goddamn merchandise site. Get your panties out of bunches and relax.


The fact that this is how people decide which FA’s will re-sign and which will walk is disturbing. I can’t wait to see David Krejci rock this jersey whenever this next season starts, and you should too. Go Bruins


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