It’s Time to Stop Glorifying LeBron James


It’s time to stop glorifying Lebron James:

LeBron James is not an expert in activism and justice. He is an expert in being an irresponsible asshole.

It seems like every week we have some lecture coming from LeBron about something. Yesterday, LeBron used his platform to put a target on the back of a police officer who did a damn good job. LeBron showed just how uneducated he is when it comes to real-life issues, and exposed himself as a divisive fraud in the process.

LeBron James

What Happened

LeBron tweeted a full photo of the police officer who fatally shot Ma’Khia Bryant in Ohio to his 50 million followers, stating the officer is “next.” By “next”, one would guess he means next to serve a prison sentence after the guilty verdict in the Derek Chauvin case. What LeBron didn’t know was the officer shot Bryant to save the life of a girl Ma’Khia was trying to stab. The officer saved a life. What does he get in return? He got a target on his back from the biggest athlete in the world.

Lebron’s ignorance has literally changed a man’s life. If you were the officer in the photo, would you feel safe walking anywhere in public? This man saved a girl’s life. He did his job by the book and now has to live his life in fear because LeBron James wants to be a victim.

The sad part about LeBron making this all about him is that it’ll take away from the real issue: violence amongst America’s youth. The bodycam footage is terrifying for an average person to take in. To see a girl so young with a 12-inch blade trying to stab another girl is tragic in itself. If the NBA had any sign of a backbone, they would suspend James indefinitely and address it. Putting a target on the back of a hero doing his job should be a federal crime.

Why LeBron Sucks

LeBron should be charged for releasing the photo. James is one of the most influential figures on the planet. His lie will now convince millions that this cop was in the wrong. If LeBron were the hero he pretends to be, he would’ve been more worried about why a minor was wielding a knife like Michael Myers. In Chicago alone, there have been 907 shooting victims. Many of these victims are UNDER the age of 17. That’s the real problem here, not a cop doing his job.

LeBron should just shut his mouth and keep bowing down to Xi Jinping and the CPC. It’s time to stop glorifying LeBron James.


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