JJ Watt Signs with the Arizona Cardinals

After much speculation, JJ Watt signs with the Arizona Cardinals.

For weeks, all football fans have been on the edge of their seats. Everyone was following every move of J.J. Watt like an imaginary Scooby-Doo trail, trying to put together anything they could for “evidence”.

Earlier on Monday sources showed JJ Watt’s Peloton account in which his bio read “SB56…GB…Cle…BUF”. It was soon realized that this was fake, or done to throw off people trying to get a hint of Watt’s next destination. It was very soon that Watt tweeted out that “I don’t own a bike”, as an almost joke to all the fans that believed the bio.

Within an hour after the Peloton news, JJ Watt tweeted a picture of him in an Arizona Cardinals shirt in which the caption read, “Source: Me.” It was Watt himself the broke the news, “JJ Watt signs with the Arizona Cardinals.”

Within minutes, news rolled in on a contract and official trade sources such as Adam Schefter. Ian Rapaport tweeted that Watt’s contract is a 2-year deal worth around $31M.

For football fans, it was a wild ride to see how this all played out. We all must admit that Watt had everyone guessing on what his next move was.

Watt now will be reunited with former Houston Teammate DeAndre Hopkins. He will also be on the same side of the ball as 3x pro-bowler Chandler Jones, which could be a fierce combo.JJ Watt signs with the Arizona Cardinals

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