Jack Eichel Could Be Traded Before the Playoffs End

Jack Eichel

Jack Eichel



This rumor is one of the most ongoing rumors for the last few years. It is known that Jack Eichel clearly wants out of Buffalo. The Sabres captain has been very vocal with his displeasures with the organization. One reason, in particular, was with how the Sabres handled the injury that sidelined Eichel the entire end of the season.

There should be several teams that will inquire on Eichel this offseason, but some teams are already jumping the gun. According to a report, the Sabres are actively talking to potential trade partners surrounding Jack Eichel. The teams were not named specifically, but for a player like Eichel, the list should be pages long of candidates.



A Trade Before The Playoffs End?

The package to acquire Jack Eichel will be astronomical in size. We have not seen a trade brewing for a superstar in his prime probably since Eric Lindros to Philadelphia. That being said, a lot of picks and prospects will probably be heading to Buffalo. Just because the playoffs are happening right now, it doesn’t mean that the trade is on pause.

Teams that are not in the playoffs right now can execute any trade at any moment. This includes the Buffalo Sabres. Any team that was linked to Jack Eichel in the past is currently on the gold course right now. This includes the Los Angeles Kings, New York Rangers, Calgary Flames, and Boston Bruins. Could a trade happen before these playoffs end? It’s quite possible and is leaning that way. It might be risky considering it would be jumping the gun on an offseason that is set to be insane. It will be an interesting next few weeks on this front.



Potential Suitors

A team that can afford Jack Eichel will be a team that is deep in their prospect pool. There are only a few teams that I can think of that can match that description. Those teams are the Los Angeles Kings and New York Rangers. The Kings are absolutely loaded with some superstar prospects and NHL-ready young players. The Rangers are in the same boat as the Kings, but their prospect pool is just a tad bit weaker than the Kings.

Teams such as Calgary and Boston would have to give up significant roster players to acquire Jack Eichel. For Calgary, a player like Sean Monahan or Johnny Gaudreau would have to head the other way. As for Boston, they would have to lose the talent of a David Pastrnak or Charlie McAvoy.

The Sabres will most likely want to continue to beef up their future assets to continue their everlasting rebuild. Keep an eye on Los Angeles and New York. They seem to be the two teams where the price makes sense for the Sabres to listen on a Jack Eichel trade.



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