Jake Paul VS Ben Askren Fight is a Done Deal



Two of the worst strikers on planet earth will collide on April 17th.

The fight was announced by Triller founder Ryan Kavanaugh earlier today. The fight is eight rounds and will serve as the main event on the Triller Fight Club card. When it comes to going viral on YouTube, nobody is better than Jake Paul. When it comes to grappling, Ben Askren is one of the greatest in MMA history. However, neither of these guys have any place serving as the main event of a boxing card.

Absolutely nobody was asking for this fight. Jake Paul is looking for a loophole to say he beat a professional fighter in a boxing match by taking on a pure grappler. If Jake Paul really wanted to prove he could box he would at least box an amateur boxer. Although then his hype machine would be stopped before it got to its peak. So that won’t happen.

If you think Paul is a legit boxer by beating a YouTuber and a retired NBA player, you are in the elite group of most gullible people on planet earth. Jake Paul has never been in a professional fight in his life, and Askren made a career out of avoiding striking. This is possibly the worst main event in boxing history.

Fight a boxer, Jake. Fight a striker. Give the people a real fight. Fight Dylan Moran if you want respect. This fight will do nothing for Paul’s “career” as a boxer, even if he wins (which he probably won’t). If he bests Askren I don’t doubt he would still lose to an amateur boxer.

The state of boxing has never been darker.

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