Joel Quenneville Resigns As Florida Panthers Head Coach

Joel Quenneville

Joel Quenneville



The news everyone has been waiting for this entire week. After the reports coming out from the Chicago Blackhawks investigation this week, everyone has been calling for justice. With Stan Bowman voluntarily stepping down as GM of the Blackhawks, all focus turned to Joel Quenneville. Coach Q was the head coach of the Blackhawks when these allegations took place in 2010. The focus would be if Joel Quenneville would coach a game after the news broke. It turns out, he would.

After all this is said and done, Joel Quenneville had a meeting today with Commissioner Gary Bettman about his role in these allegations with Kyle Beach. It seems as if the meeting went the way everyone wanted it to go. First reported by Kevin Weeks, Joel Quenneville seems to have coached his last game for the Panthers. There is a coaching change coming to the first-place Florida Panthers.



The New Guy

This might be a first. When was the last time a team in first place had to make a coaching change? Let’s look at the guy who will serve as the head coach for the near future. Going forward, the head coach of the Florida Panthers will be Andrew Brunette. Andrew Brunette is a former player in the NHL that has. over 1,100 games in his NHL career.

Brunette became part of the coaching staff in Florida during the 2019-20 season. He has brought a new life to this Panthers lineup. He will take over for Joel Quenneville and try and keep these Florida Panthers on top of the NHL standings. With the Panthers starting the season 7-0-0, Brunette has a lot to take over for. His first game as head coach will be Friday night against the Detroit Red Wings.



The Right Decision?

Whether you are on Joel Quenneville’s side or against him, you have to have seen this coming from the league. It doesn’t matter if the NHL will suspend Quenneville or if Florida fired him, it seems like this needed to happen. All the outrage during these times has made it clear the no one wants Coach Q in the NHL at the moment. While these allegations and investigations are still going on, this Panthers team doesn’t need any distractions.

We applaud Kyle Beach for explaining his story and coming out as the individual in this case. The NHL is trying to make a difference with these serious matters. This seems like it could be a small step in the right direction. While Joel Quenneville is a very liked guy around the league, there seems to be no room for any behavior like this in the league. How will the Panthers react to this news? How will it affect their play?


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