John Tortorella Will Not Return to the Blue Jackets

John Tortorella

John Tortorella



This is music to most of the Blue Jackets faithful. I called this earlier in the year. John Tortorella has brought the Columbus Blue Jackets from rock bottom back to playoff contention since he took over. The team really committed to his coaching style and his teams have never been an easy team to play against. Those days seem to be over. This has been one of the most difficult seasons to watch for a Blue Jackets fan all year long. The suffering is coming to a close.

From the Pierre-Luc Dubois drama to the Patrik Laine drama, John Tortorella has been in the hot seat for a long time now. He hasn’t had the players to trust him all season long. The Blue Jackets seem to have had enough. The team seems to have parted ways with the long-time head coach. Tortorella’s contract is expiring this season and the team seems like they will not give him an extension. Get the parade going.



Where Did It Go Wrong?

John Tortorella is very old school. He believes discipline is a fantastic tool in developing a team to be at its best. The tactic can work with many players that are committed to helping the team. It seems his tactics have gone down the deep end and the players are not working with him. Pierre-Luc Dubois hated Tortorella so much that he gave up on most plays before his trade to Winnipeg.

When Patrik Laine came to town, a coach like Tortorella was supposed to encourage him to care for his team. Much to everyone’s surprise, Laine didn’t give in to the system and found himself benched by Tortorella on multiple occasions. This never seemed to work at any point this season to get Laine back on track. At this point, no one on this team gave into the system of Jon Tortorella.



It Wasn’t All Bad With Tortorella

John Tortorella, even through all the drama this season, will go down as one of the best coaches in Blue Jacket’s history. He changed the culture in Columbus to bring them to be contenders year in and year out. He also helped the Blue Jackets win their first-ever playoff series. That came in the biggest upset in NHL history in recent memory against the record-setting Tampa Bay Lightning.

If you hate John Tortorella this season, you have every right to for the team crumbling under his control. You can’t hate the man for his entire career behind the bench in Columbus. That series win against Tampa Bay will go down as one of the greatest stories of all time.


John Tortorella


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