Jordan Binnington Signs Contract Extension

Jordan Binnington



Does he look nervous? I don’t believe he does after this news. Jordan Binnington has been the number one goal in St. Louis ever since 2019. That season he led the Blues on a miraculous trip to a Stanley Cup Championship. That was an absolutely amazing run by the Blues and Binnington was a huge reason behind that. Before him, the Blues never had what they would consider being a “franchise goaltender”. They feel like they have one in Binnington. Tonight, the Blues locked him up for the foreseeable future with a new contract.

Jordan Binnington gets himself paid here. Binnington and the Blues agree on a six-year contract extension. This will see Binnington make an average of $6 million per season. This seems like a fair deal for both sides. While Binnington has had his ups and downs over the past two seasons, he is still very reliable. The Blues are poised to make another playoff run and they need Binnington to be on his game for that.



Many people are having mixed reactions to the value of this deal. Is Jordan Binnington worth $6 million for the next six years? When you look at the price goalies like Carey Price are making, this seems like a steal. He is a proven winner in the playoffs. When you put a strong team in front of him, that is a recipe for a Stanley Cup-winning team.


Jordan Binnington

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