JRE Review: Tulsi Gabbard – “Congress is basically High School”



Episode #1599.

Tulsi is one of the few politicians that understand that the role of a public servant is to serve the public. She has served in the Hawaii National Guard’s Medical Unit since 2003 and was deployed from 2004-2005 in Iraq, as well as in Kuwait from 2008-2009. She has served in Congress for 8 years. Here are some of the bills that she has sponsored.


Tulsi is a Democrat that has overwhelming support on the right, but is repudiated on the far Left.

I once had a Leftist tweet at me to: STAAAP SHIPPING CONSPIRACY THEORIES! (In regards to evidence of voter fraud). That same Leftist several tweets later followed up with: Tulsi Gabbard is a Russian plant.

As it were, anytime Hillary Clinton feels threatened by a political opponent she launches unfounded accusations of them being a Russian plant. I suppose baseless claims are acceptable on the Left only. Rogan breaks down the sheer stupidity of the tinfoil hat conspiracy theory. But this is not a practice exclusive to Clinton. Democrat minions like Chuck Schumer and Adam Schiff seem to be obsessed with baselessly alleging that American patriots are Russian spies too. Meanwhile, when one of their own gets caught shoving his egg roll into the Lo Mein of a CCP spy, they are nowhere to be found.


I recommend listening to this 3 hour episode from start to finish. There is a lot to cover so I’ve tried to break it down and group topics into related subjects that Joe and Tulsi discussed with some of my own insights.

Mainstream Media Propaganda, Big Tech Oligarchy, and Capitol Hill Riot

At one point during the show Tulsi talks about how the mainstream media (MSM) launched an attack on her credibility from day 1 of her announcement for candidacy for president. She also discusses how the primary debates are about tit for tat, petty insults rather than real discussion about perspectives, plans, and insights into real issues. “They plant seeds of doubt because they refuse to engage in the substance of the issues and because I refuse to be their puppet and play their game.” Tulsi refuses to take money from PAC’s, she refuses to play for the corporations and lobbyists. She means to serve the American people, and deal with the issues from a moral stance rather than one that’s informed by financial incentive.

(Watch from 4min mark to see her shred Kamala Harris on her criminal justice record. More on Harris later).

Joe and Tulsi also make the point as to why it is important to stand up for free speech right now in this moment. There is a seemingly infinite pool of Lefties (not liberals because liberals are 100% for free speech by definition), that are making excuses for Big Tech’s current censorship practices, saying things like, “Private companies can do whatever they like.” This is an extremely ignorant and near-sighted view. Yes, they are private corporations, but they operate in the public sphere. They’re entire existence relies on the public’s desire for communication. They ought to follow the laws of the society in which they operate. To Joe’s point in regards to the NSA spying on American citizens, “You may have been passive about it because you liked or trusted the guy in office at the time (Obama), but one day there will be another president in power who you may not trust with that sort of power.” That’s why societies try to create laws that are meant to be universally morally just. Because power and leadership are dynamic, the rules must be fixed so as to avoid abuse of power, and to be able to have checks and balances. Everyone, no matter who is in charge must play by the same rules. Besides the radical Left’s perspective that censorship of opposition voices is justified, there is also the lunacy of the narrative that the people who stormed the Capitol are all racists just because they perceive Make America Great Again as Make America White Again. Just like racists perceive Black Lives Matter to mean Black Lives Matter More Than Other Lives. As Joe and Tulsi expound, when you take away people’s voices or ability to express themselves, they are susceptible to radicalization, and to believe that their only means of enacting change is through violence. There were definitely some bad actors who went to Washington on January 6th with the intent to cause trouble. That’s a fact. Some of them were far-right neo-nazi types. But the majority of people who were there went to peacefully protest and left when the rioting started, thus, they shouldn’t be labeled as racists. Despite what the MSM tells you anti-establishment populism does not equate to racism. But when CNN, NBC, CBS, carefully selects what footage to show you and what rhetoric to use when “explaining” what is happening, it’s easy to fall under their spell. They tell you in one breath that Trump incited the violence, and in another, that the insurrectionists brought zip-ties, gas masks, weapons, and had full-on plots to do harm to members of the government. Well, it can’t be both spontaneous and planned. Either Trump incited the violence or those goofballs were prepared.

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Gabbard also tosses a couple of jabs at current Senator Ted Cruz as well as President Joe Biden. With regards to Cruz she mentions the meaningless Big Tech oversight hearings he keeps holding without generating any substantial follow through on regulating the Silicon Valley technocrats. It’s as if Cruz is holding these hearings just so he can get his little 4min outrage clips on Youtube for the next election cycle, rather than to hold these tech giants accountable for their role in censorship, election meddling, etc. Those are my words not Tulsi’s by the way. As for Biden, she fires a shot when she says that Big Tech sponsoring political campaigns (in the form of 10’s of millions of dollars) results in candidates being beholden to them. Tulsi’s solution to Big Tech’s censorship/de-platforming practices is the launch of her new platform Locals. I encourage you to check it out, I am already on there. Finally, Joe talks about Google’s suppression of the story regarding the Floridian doctor who died after getting the COVID-19 vaccine. The fact that these tech oligarchs are suppressing not just “conspiracy theories” but real stories that counter the Leftist narrative is extremely dangerous.

Washington is Basically High School & Kamala Harris is Phony

Joe asks Tulsi about her time in Washington and Tulsi explicitly states that “Congress is basically high school.” She talks about cliques in Washington, as well as petty judgments about who you’re hanging out with/talking to, although everyone ought to be working together to serve the people. They also talk about how people vote: looks, how they speak, cool commercials (low-info voters). This is a great example of how useless or corrupt politicians manipulate voters into voting against their interests. For instance, low-information voters are likely to vote for say, Kamala Harris, because she’s a woman, black, south-Indian, attractive, and because she said on The Breakfast Club that she listened to 2pac and Snoop Dogg while getting high in college. However, Harris graduated in 1986. Pac’s studio album debut didn’t arrive until 5 years later in 1991 “2Pacalypse Now,” https://thesource.com/2018/11/12/today-in-hip-hop-history-2pac-dropped-his-debut-album-2pacalypse-now-27-years-ago/

and Snoop’s first album “Doggystyle” dropped 2 years after that in 1993.  https://www.albumism.com/features/snoop-dogg-debut-album-doggystyle-turns-25-anniversary-retrospective

So due to the constraints of time and space, it is impossible that Kamala Harris listened to Pac and Snoop while smoking weed in college. It’s questionable as to whether Harris even knows who Tupac Amaru Shakur is, as she claimed he was the best rapper alive in a conversation with CNN’s Angela Rye and representatives of the NAACP. Of course we know that Pac was murdered in 1996, or was that a Freudian slip on Harris’s part?

As for Harris’ timeline which could only work in the MCU, she either smoked in college and listened to RUN DMC & L.L. Cool J, or she listened to Pac and Snoop while getting high as a deputy District Attorney after a long day of locking people up for being potheads. The third possibility, is that she lied about ever smoking weed in an attempt to pander to youth and minority voters, or else that must have been some DANK shit to make a bitch time travel.

Profiting off of Division & Trumpism

At 43min Tulsi tells us what’s wrong with the government. Democrats came to her and told her she needed to vote with them on a bill because if she didn’t it would hurt their chances at success in the next election, rather than, coming to her and trying to convince her of their perspective on the substance of the bill. She also gives the example of the recent stimulus bill to give Americans money who needed it during lockdowns which was delayed for the sake of making Trump look bad in an election year. For all you conspiracy-deniers or those who dismiss everything as conspiracy, Tulsi explicitly tells us (at around 46min) that these things that you call “conspiracies” are actually the way that things work in Washington. Listen from around 43min to about 50min into the show for this part.

Rogan and Tulsi talk about the Fairness Act, which states that the media is obligated to report on both sides’ views. It was repealed under Reagan, Tulsi wants to reinstate it. This would help to fight the partisan propaganda networks. Joe breaks down how Trump being demonized was financially beneficial for left-wing media, just as how the perspective of the left being ridiculous was beneficial for right-wing networks. In essence, mainstream media is intentionally promoting division between the population along political lines for the sake of the almighty dollar.

Tulsi: Real issues that media and congress ignored because the profits were in Trumpism (whether pro or anti):

  • Nuclear Arms Race
  • Agricultural Crisis
  • Wildlife Crisis

Election Hypocrisy & Major Vaccine Misconception

Joe talks about Trump’s election narrative: He’s correct about the way votes were counted in relation to mail-in being counted after in-person, but he ignores the fact that there were switched votes which you can see here:

Joe does call out the hypocrisy of both sides of politics in that in 2016 Dems (i.e. Nancy Pelosi) were claiming the election was stolen, (many of them also rejected the certification of election) but are now calling for the resignation and in some cases imprisonment of opposition members who made claims that this recent election was stolen.


Finally, Tulsi talks about a major COVID-19 vaccine misconception that is detrimental to the lives of so many of us. Those promoting that we all get vaccinated as an act of social duty/responsibility are spreading misinformation about the vaccine, albeit, likely unintentionally due to their own ignorance about the vaccine. That’s the mainstream media’s fault, and blame should be shared with our politicians and medical experts who are leading the push for vaccination, as it is their combined duty to the public, to be honest, and transparent about what this vaccine does. Lives are at stake. As Tulsi highlighted, someone might get vaccinated, and think it’s safe to finally go visit grandma. That is not the case. According to the Pfizer and Moderna clinical studies, the vaccine has been proven to greatly diminish the likelihood of serious illness or death from COVID-19. It has not been scientifically established that the vaccines prohibit the transfer of the virus between humans. So for all of you promoting the vaccine like it’s some miracle cure, to you, I say, “believe the science!” Yes, there are some people spreading misinformation about certain conspiracy theories, but our most trusted institutions in media and government are spreading misinformation in relation the efficacy of the vaccine, among other things. Until more of you wake up to this fact, we will continue to be caught in this perpetual loop, unable to change the way we live, and govern. Tulsi is Hindu, and one of the core beliefs in Hindu philosophy is that the ultimate expression of love is service. Selfless devotion enacted through service, without any expectation of reward. Similar to the love of a good mother, or father, but which anyone can express to anyone else at any given time. Whether its her military service or public service in government, it’s clear that Tulsi practices what her belief system preaches. If she is not the perfect candidate for president I don’t know who is.





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