Exclusive: Kevin Natividad Looking To Put On Technically Violent Display At UFC 261

Kevin Natividad



UFC 261 looks set to be a blockbuster of an event with the card stacked from top to bottom. 3 championship fights between some of the most elite fighters in the UFC roster truly make the event stand out initially. However, a closer look at the undercard reveals multiple hidden gems throughout.

One such fight is the Early Prelim Featured bout between bantamweight prospects Kevin Natividad and Batgeral Danaa. Natividad recently sat down with Tarps Off MMA’s Frank Bonada to discuss this upcoming fight, as well as the future of his UFC career.



“Technical Violence”

Natividad’s opponent, Danaa, is currently 1-1 in the UFC. Natividad discussed his mentality going into a fight with a brawler like Danaa and how he intends on defeating him:

“He definitely looks like more of a striker. I mean the second (UFC) fight, he knocked the guy out. With what I thought was a jab but it was kinda like a long left hook. And then in his debut, he was going pretty back and forth and was super tough… He looks pretty well rounded… Looks like he got a little tired towards the end but it sounds like, from what I’ve heard, he’s been training pretty hard so hopefully, his conditioning is good. I’m making an all-out war. Technical violence.”

A Dream Fight Against ‘The King of Rio’

While Natividad is thoroughly aware when he stands in the UFC pecking order, he also has aspirations of facing a certain legend at one point in his career. That man? Joes Aldo. Natividad had the following to say:

“Somewhere down the line; If you go back to my Instagram and Facebook, a long time ago. You’ll see that way back when, one of my favourite fighters of all time is Jose Aldo. And It’s crazy that we’re in the same division now. I was watching him when I was in high school and I like discovered MMA. It blows my mind to say that we’re here in the same division. He’s obviously way ahead of me. If I ever had to pick a fight way down the line that scares me, but makes me want to do it anyway, it”d be against Jose Aldo.”

UFC 261

However, Natividad must, of course, defeat Batgerel Danaa, first and foremost. UFC 261 takes place on Saturday 24th, and features blockbuster matchups throughout the whole event.

Are you looking forward to watching Kevin Natividad vs. Batgerel Danaa? Let us know in the comments!

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