Leafs Twitter Wants To Trade Marner And Sign Alex Pietrangelo, Would you?



As I sit here sipping my second coffee of the day, I saw Mitch Marner’s name trending on twitter. Naturally, I clicked on it. It was legit hundreds and hundreds of fans ready to ship out Mitch Marner and his more than 10 million dollars a year salary to sign UFA defensemen Alex Pietrangelo. Mitch Marner was the Leafs leading scorer before last season, and even last year he still had 67 points in 59 games, second behind Auston Matthews. While Alex Pietrangelo is a premier defender in this league, we have to be realistic here. Moving Mitch Marner would stun this forward group regardless of what Matthews, Nylander, and Tavares can do. A lot of Toronto’s offense runs through Mitch. The question is, would you move Marner to acquire Alex Pietrangelo?.

I, for one, would never do that. If Toronto GM Kyle Dubas wants to force another huge contract on this roster, surely guys like Andreas Johnsson, Alex Kerfoot, and Justin Holl would be the guys he would look to move rather than Marner. I still believe the Leafs are far better off clearing some more space and adding two defensemen via UFA this summer. There is no need to go all-in on one player because he’s from Toronto. Depth wins championships, and adding 9.5 million dollars a year on your backend with this team isn’t smart. Let us know in the comments if you would move Marner to sign Pietrangelo.

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