LeBron Becomes Third Player All Time to Surpass 35,000 Career Points



LeBron James becomes the third player in NBA history to surpass 35,000 career points.



We already know that LeBron is one of the greatest of all-time if not the greatest (not getting into the MJ vs. LeBron argument), but this just made his legacy even more impressive.

LeBron is the youngest player ever to achieve the feat at 36 years and 50 days. This puts LeBron in the company of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who was 38, and Karl Malone, who was 39. Both were enshrined in the Naismith Hall of Fame just six years after retirement. LeBron is averaging 25.7 PPG this year and if he continues this into next year, which he more than likely will, he could be atop of the all-time scoring list sometime next season. LeBron is currently just over 3,000 points away from Kareem who sits at 38,387.

To add to things, James was just recently selected as the captain for the West in the All-Star Game. This All-Star selection marks the 17th for James. This is just one behind Kobe Bryant and two Behind Kareem all time. LeBron also tied Kobe for the most consecutive All-Star game selections. LeBron has had one hell of a career and it’s not even close to over.


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