Lightning Trade for David Savard

David Savard

Well, ladies and gentlemen the Tampa Bay Lightning just got better. David Savard was the top name on TSN’s trade bait list and it’s only fitting that the best team in hockey gets the best player available. The trade for Savard was a 3-team trade that for some reason involved the Detroit Red Wings. The lightning was not a team that I had originally thought would get Savard when I wrote a blog picking three teams that should trade for him a few months back. But over the course of the season, things change and the Lightning thought that trading for Savard would give them the best chance to repeat as Stanley Cup Champions. Here is the trade breakdown.

Tampa Bay Gets: David Savard and Brian Lashoff

Columbus Gets: 2021 1st round pick and a 2022 3rd round pick

Detroit Gets: 2021 4th round pick

What Tampa Got

So the Lightning continues to look like the smartest team in the league with the acquisition of Savard. It is the name that most Bolts fans wanted the team to acquire. Savard is an unrestricted free agent at the end of the year and he carries a $4.25 million cap hit. But somehow the Lightning managed to only have to pay Savard $1.062 million this season after Columbus and Detroit both retained salary.

In Savard, the Lightning got exactly what they needed. Another top 4 defensemen that can play defense. Savard has 6 points in 40 games this season. But he isn’t paid to put the puck in the net. He is paid to keep the puck from entering his own net. And that is something that does a damn good job of. He will add to an already decent penalty kill that kills off penalties at an 82% rate. Another thing he does well is blocking shots. So all in all the Lightning got better when they were already the best team in the league.

What the Blue Jackets Got

Well, this one is pretty self-explanatory. The Jackets got themselves a pair of draft picks one in each of the next two drafts. With the better pick coming in this 2021 draft that is not too far away. My guess is that pick ends up being anywhere from 29 to 32 given how dominant this team was last year and what they have their sites set on this year. Either way, the Jackets were able to get a 1st round pick for an expiring contract of a guy that wasn’t a guarantee to re-sign with the team

I guess the whole purpose of the Red Wings being in the deal was to retain a bit of salary to help Tampa. Which is exactly what the league needs. Other teams helping the Lightning. Oh well, someday someone will learn, but the Red Wings get a 4th round pick out of the deal by simply retaining just over $2 million. Which doesn’t seem like a bad deal from their side of things. They have the cap room and what’s another ticket in the lottery that is the NHL draft.

Immediately the Lightning comes out as obvious winners of the trade. But it is far from complete as the Lightning have their eyes on another Stanley Cup and they think that Savard can help them get back there.

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