LSU: A History of Violence



Since Ed Orgeron took over the head coaching duties at LSU in 2016, there has been a culture of sexual assault, domestic abuse, and now animal cruelty by the university’s football program.

Yesterday was the latest report of this inexcusable behavior surfacing. LSU football player Ray Parker, who already was accused of domestic abuse last fall, abused a puppy. The puppy’s leg was broken and later had to be amputated. The amputation came as a result of Parker repeatedly kicking the dog. With Parker’s domestic abuse case still ongoing, he is now being booked with a felony charge of aggravated cruelty to animals.

Violent History at LSU Under Orgeron

There have been nine violations of sexual misconduct within the football program since Orgeron took over. Most famously was with former LSU running back Derrius Guice. LSU withheld records of Guice’s video voyeurism after receiving requests for them. When LSU finally did release the records, they redacted Guice’s name from them. Additionally, multiple women have come forth to say Guice raped them at LSU. LSU either didn’t believe the two women that came forward or just chose not to investigate so Guice could continue playing football.

Many more instances of misconduct include allegations against LSU players Drake Davis, Peter Parrish, Grant Delpit, Tae Provens, Jacob Phillips, and Zach Sheffer. Davis is accused of committing battery on a woman he dated four times, over the course of 13 months. Parrish was accused of raping a woman outside of a bar earlier this year before he announced he would be transferring to Memphis. Delpit was accused of videotaping a woman having sex without her knowledge and sharing the video.  Lastly, Provens, Philips, and Sheffer were also all accused of rape.

Ed Orgeron is responsible for the culture surrounding LSU football. He has shown incompetence to condemn and put a halt to the violent and sexually malicious behavior. There is a serious problem at LSU, seemingly manufacturing a disgusting headline repeatedly with their monstrous conduct.

What will be the final straw for Orgeron? How many more people will need to get hurt?

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