Mac Jones Is The Starting Quarterback For the Patriots

Mac Jones

Mac Jones



It is officially a new era in New England. Patriots fans have grown accustomed to a winning culture after all the years with Tom Brady under center. Ever since he left last season, fans have been asking for answers for the vacant quarterback position. Cam Newton was brought in last season to give the Patriots some stability. Even with some great flashes last season, the negatives outweighed the positives all season. With Jarett Stidham not being what the Patriots had hoped he would be, they have turned to a new face. For the first time since Drew Bledsoe in 1993, the Patriots selected a quarterback in the first round and selected Mac Jones out of Alabama.

Mac Jones, fresh off a National Championship last season, has shown great flashes so far in his NFL career. In three pre-season games so far, he has shown he can work with the starters and has built chemistry with a lot of the regulars on the roster. Bill Belichick has taken notice and has dropped a bombshell of a move on the entire Patriots fan base. Veteran quarterback Cam Newton has been cut from the team. This means Mac Jones will be the starting quarterback in New England starting week one against Miami.



Pre-Season Stats

Mac Jones has looked very impressive so far in just three pre-season games for the Patriots. In those three games, Jones went 36/52 and threw for 389 yards. Along with that, he threw one touchdown pass to Isaiah Zuber in the third game against the Giants. While they may not be the flashiest stats, Jones showed he could run the offense and could increase the tempo as the game went along.



What Went Wrong With Cam Newton?

Mac Jones deserves this honor to the fullest extent. He went out there and earned his spot on this roster. The big question has to be “what went wrong with Cam Newton to make this decision?” Obviously Newton has had his ups and downs in his short time in New England so far. All those factors have come into play to help Bill Belichick make this tough decision.

The biggest thing surrounding Newton that is a huge part of this upcoming season is the fact that he is not vaccinated. That is Newton’s choice and people need to accept that, but the NFL has enforced some strict rules in regards to unvaccinated players. Some of these rules are so strict they can cause teams to get fined or even have to forfeit games because of any positive COVID-19 cases.

While this isn’t a confirmed reason for the release of Newton, you have to believe this had to have been in the mind of Belichick. The performance of Mac Jones as well probably made the decision a lot easier for Belichick to make this call. While Newton did not have a horrible pre-season, Mac Jone clearly had the better play between the two of them. It is just hard to believe that Cam Newton is viewed as a worse option for the backup QB position than Brian Hoyer. That seems like a stretch and obviously something must have happened for Bill Belichick to make this decision.



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