Mayfield’s Fumble Costs Browns A Win Against Jets

New York Jets

Just when you thought they could save the upset, they pull the most Browns move of all time. Cleveland had a chance to make a name for themselves and leap up the standings with a win against the Jets. New York had other plans and jumped out to a large lead early and didn’t look back. Two forced fumbles by the Jets on Cleveland’s last two drives ultimately sealed Cleveland’s fate and their ultimate defeat. The Jets have now won two straight after losing their first 13 games.

Bum Ass Baker does it again. A 4th and 1 QB sneak results in a fumble, recovered by the offense besides the original fumbler, brought back to the spot of the fumble, and a turnover on downs. How Cleveland was that sentence right there? Very. The COVID scenario with the Browns’ WRs didn’t help them today, but that is no excuse for the effort shown today.

Cleveland drops to 10-5 while the Jets jump up to 2-13 and automatically give Jacksonville the first overall pick in the draft. Everyone lost in this game today.

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