Michael Houser: Time to Remind a Mother Fucker

Michael Houser

Buffalo Sabres goalie Michael Houser (32) celebrates a victory over the New York Islanders following the third period of an NHL hockey game against the New York Islanders, Monday, May 3, 2021, in Buffalo, N.Y. (AP Photo/Jeffrey T. Barnes)



We all know Michael Houser as the kid with the webbed feet. However, I know Michael Houser as the crazy competitor. Michael comes from a great family and I have had the pleasure of calling his brother Alex one of my best friends. Alex has been my friend from my freshman year at the University of Alabama to this day. I compete in a fantasy football league with Michael and can tell you first hand the kid plays to win. Michael is always respectful and never lets pressure or other’s success get to him. He is a man on his own path.

Michael was born with webbed feet and was immediately counted out as an athlete. Although the diagnosis was bad, Houser comes from a hockey family. His father Bill is a determined hockey dad that has always devoted himself to his children’s success. His mother is a warrior also devoted to her son’s success accompanied by her daughter Shannon and son’s Alex and Nick.

Michael has always been a star even as a young goalie for Little Ceasers. That is where he played with now NHL stars Vincent Trocheck and Jamie Oleksiak. Michael has always had an elite level to his game that got him recognized by the Buccaneers of the USHL and the London Knights of the OHL. His family has stood by him every step of the way.

Michael Takes the Hockey World by Storm

It was Michael himself that took the hockey world by storm in 2012. It would be nine years till Michael made his first NHL start from becoming the OHL goalie and player of the year. Houser would leave his mark as a memorial cup legend. The Shawinigan Cataractes defeated Michael’s Knights’ in overtime, but it was still Houser that walked away with the trophy for goalie of the tournament.

Since then Houser has bounced around the ECHL and AHL till he got his shot Monday night. If you thought he was never gonna get his shot and that he wasn’t gonna kill it when he got it, I apologize that you haven’t got to meet Michael. Michael Houser tended net for the Buffalo Sabres Tuesday and stole a game… just like he did the night before. Houser is a product of training your entire life, the right attitude, and flat-out hard work. He patiently waited his turn, even though at times it seemed unfair Michael chose to grind harder rather than complain.

Houser Comes Back

Now with injuries and a lost season, it’s Michael’s net in Buffalo. Michael has earned that net not this year, not last year but after a life dedicated to the position. If you want to keep doubting Michael because of his webbed feet that’s funny cause he doesn’t even think about it. It has never stopped him from stopping a puck or his dream. Again, the Houser’s are a hockey family. They have never lost hope and knew their brightest star would someday shine at the NHL level someday.

The rise of Michael Houser has been long and some would say unlikely. Although I have been waiting to write this article because Michael is a competitor and nice guys only finish last in movies. Michael’s story is only beginning, this is just how he got here. Micheal Has already proved himself once as the best goalie in the CHL, and now it’s time to remind a mother fucker at the NHL level.

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