Mike Babcock is Such a Jackass

Mike Babcock



Mike Babcock has been through some shit over the last few years. After being fired from Toronto last year, we haven’t heard much of Babcock until now. He is all over the sports news world with the news of his new head coaching gig. Tonight, he is featured on a Sportsnet interview and there are some major sound clips in it.

Let’s start with the opening line. He says “I knew when Lou left, I was getting fired”. That is so salty. Imagine being Babcock in that situation.



The highlight clip in there is of Babcock referring to himself in the third person. “This has been a really good year and a half for Mike Babcock”. That is super bold. Who refers to themselves in the third person like that? Only the likeness of Mike Babcock can pull that off. Babcock now moves on to his next chapter as head coach of the University of Saskatchewan. Good luck to him and get away from the NHL.

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