Mike Babcock Makes Next Head Coaching Decision

Mike Babcock



If you are a hockey fan, you know who Mike Babcock is. He is by far one of the more interesting coaches in NHL history. His aggressive style of coaching has caught a few eyes around the league. Last season, Babcock was let go by the Maple Leafs. The reason seems to be an issue that escalated with Mitch Marner. He hasn’t had a gig since in the NHL.

He briefly has made a few appearances with NBC for the intermission reports. It seems he will put down the headset and pick up the clipboard once again. Is he getting a gig in the NHL again? No, he isn’t. His next chapter begins with… The University of Saskatchewan?



This is a wild choice from Babcock. He is more than capable of joining an NHL club in some way. It seems that no NHL team returned his calls and he is off to Saskatchewan. What do you think of Babcock’s decision? Let us know.