Mullet Monday: An Ode To Pasta

HODELETE NC **FOR USE WITH THIS STORY ONLY** The Boston Bruins' David Pastrnak takes a shot against the Calgary Flames at TD Garden in Boston on February 25, 2020. (Maddie Meyer/Getty Images/TNS)



This is the week Bruins fans have been waiting for. Well, at least in terms of the hockey hair respect game. During these playoffs, David Pastrnak has sported some long luscious locks.

David Pastrnak

It’s challenging to find a picture with his helmet off. But in this picture, it is quite apparent that Pasta is full curls for the girls. Seeing the lettuce flow through the helmet is a sure sign of a great head of hair. Plus, Pasta threw in an upper lip lick for the hell of it.

Throughout the year’s Pasta has dawned several hairstyles. Some are more questionable than others, but now and then, he gives us a gem—throwback to his draft year. Young Pasta has some slicked backed flow.

Young David Pastrnak

If he keeps this playoff hairstyle going into next season, he’s going to be in my conversation for the Hart trophy, even though his name should already be in that discussion more seasons than not.

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