Mullet Monday: An Ode To Patrick Kane

Patrick Kane rocking a mullet during an interview



In honor of the playoffs starting later this week, this mullet Monday features someone who would only grow a mullet during the playoffs.

Ever since his junior hockey days, Patrick Kane would grow a playoff mullet instead of a playoff beard. Mainly since he couldn’t grow a beard back then.

He had his mullet for all three Stanley cup the Hawks won. And accumulated 49 goals and 121 points in 123 career playoff games while dawning a mullet.

Kaner’s racing stripes

Kaner even threw in the racing stripes which elevates the mullet to another level.

Unfortunately back in 2017, Kane said he would no longer be continuing his tradition of a playoff mullet. Kaner claims he is “too old” for a mullet. Maybe that’s why they got bounced in round one that year and haven’t made the playoffs since.

Kaner, it is time to bring back the mullet. Nobody is too old to dawn a mully. And maybe bringing it back will take away from the fact he currently has a receding hairline.

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