Nazem Kadri Suspended Once Again in the Playoffs

Nazem Kadri

Nazem Kadri



It has been a couple of years, but the stars have aligned once again. Before the 2019-20 season, the Colorado Avalanche made a huge splash. Nazem Kadri seems like he would be the cornerstone for the Maple Leafs. After some questionable actions by the centerman in the previous years, he was shipped to Colorado. The change of scenery seems to help a player like Kadri excel his game to a new level. He seemed like he was in good hands to clean up his game, but now that has changed.



Nazem Kadri is undoubtedly a very talented player. He knows how to play the game the right way when he stays away from the Department of Player Safety. Fans in Boston know Kadri extremely well for his time in Toronto, especially when it comes to the playoffs. Kadri faced Boston three times in the playoffs in a span of seven seasons. In those three appearances, Kadri missed time in two of those series.

This isn’t because he was injured, but it was because he was suspended for some malicious plays. The first one came in 2018 in game one against Boston. Bruins’ forward Tommy Wingels got hit by Kadri in a vulnerable position while on his knees against the boards. Nazem Kadri received a three-game suspension for the hit.



He followed this suspension up during the next playoffs. Once again against the Bruins, Nazem Kadri was back at it. After Bruins forward Jake DeBrusk hit Patrick Marleau along the dasher, Kadri took exception. He goes straight after DeBrusk and cross-checks him in the head. DeBrusk would be alright afterwards but needed to leave the game for Concussion protocols. Kadri was suspended for the rest of the first round against Boston (which was five games).



Back At it Once Again

Last season, Kadri seemed to clean up his act. He helped Colorado make it all the way to game seven of the Western Conference Semi-Finals. The Avalanche were one goal away from the Western Conference Finals, but Dallas came away with the win. Nazem Kadri was a huge part of that success as well. He scored some big-time goals and seemed like a totally different player from the one who got suspended in the playoffs.

This season, Nazem Kadri has now fallen off the wagon. The St. Louis Blues and the Colorado Avalanche are playing in the first round of this year’s playoffs. After a dominating game, one win for the Avalanche, game two was highlighted not from the goals, but from a disgusting hit from Kadri. Justin Faulk was flying into the zone and Kadri blindsides him with a shoulder to the head. Faulk was taken out of the game and has not played since the hit.




The result of the hit is a hefty suspension. The Department of Player Safety has gotten a lot of shit this year (and rightfully so), but this one they got right. A repeat offender with a long history especially in the playoffs should have a suspension like this one. Nazem Kadri has been suspended for eight games in these playoffs. This will handle the rest of the Blues series and if the Avalanche completes the sweep, Kadri will be out the entire seven-game series for their next opponent.



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