New York Rangers Will Interview Gerard Gallant

Gerard Gallant

Gerard Gallant



The Rangers are blowing up the franchise right now. After firing their general manager and president of the club, the team now needs a head coach. David Quinn was relieved of his duties yesterday. It is a shocking move given how much the entire team has progressed in their rebuild, but the decision was made. The Rangers are now in search of a new head coach, but the choice isn’t that clear. A few names out there are people like John Tortorella and Gerard Gallant.



There are a few candidates that are emerging into the conversation. There are many intriguing rumors, but the best one is a reunion with the Rangers and John Tortorella. Torts is terminating his contract with the Blue Jackets and is now on the open market. This scenario is highly unlikely, but it is amazing to think about. A leading contender right now is former Vegas Golden Knights head coach Gerard Gallant.




Gerard Gallant is a fantastic option for the New York Rangers. He has taken teams that seemed to have no place being a playoff team and turned their seasons around. In 2016, the Florida Panthers went from the first overall pick two years prior to being first in the Atlantic Division. In 2017, the Golden Knights made their NHL debut with Gallant behind the bench. The Golden Knights went on to win the Pacific Division and make it all the way to the Stanley Cup Finals.

That season as well, Gerard Gallant took home the Jack Adamas award for the best head coach in the NHL. Gallant is known for being a hard-nosed head coach who is not afraid to express his opinion. The Rangers will be getting a great head coach, but a deal needs to get struck between the two sides.


How WIll Gallant Fit In?

The Rangers are mainly a young core with their players, but they also have some veterans in the lineup. Gerard Gallant can handle both groups pretty well. In Florida, besides Roberto Luongo in the net, the team was mainly young stars that carried the team. As for Vegas, their team is made up of a bunch of veterans who came together to make one of the best runs ever.

Gallant has experience in both fields, but that doesn’t mean he will be a perfect fit in New York. Gallant can turn this team around in a heartbeat, but the team around him needs to commit. With all the young talent this team has, that is not a guarentee to happen. If a deal is agreed upon, this will be an interesting experiment for this historic franchise.


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