NHL Approves Phase 3 Target Date

The NHL released a statement today, June 11, that they have officially approved and agreed on a target date that would see NHL teams be able to start training camp on July 10. This date would be almost exactly 4 months since any NHL team has played in a game, or exactly 121 days. Barring any significant changes to the medical results within this time frame, that is when the NHL plans to begin Phase 3 of 4 for reopening the league for the 2020 NHL Playoffs.

This is significant news in regards to the return to play as limited to no information had been released recently on any plans for Phase 3. With Phase 2 starting last Monday, June 8, which allowed a select number of players at a time to practice in their facilities with restrictions, this is a major step for the return to play. With the NBA already releasing a return to play date of July 31 in Orlando, the NHL doesn’t seem to be too far behind. This means the NHL is looking for a return date in early August for the start of the first, or play in, round of the 2020 Stanley Cup Playoffs. Get ready fans. It is coming faster then we think.

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