NHL Expands Phase 2 Groups At Practices

The NHL announced on Monday, June 22, that starting Tuesday, June 23, teams will be allowed to have 12 players on the ice for practice. Phase 2 of the NHL’s 4 phase plan was implemented on June 8, which allow groups of 6 to participate in practice at the team’s facility at a time. Just 15 days later, that number has been doubled. This causes concern amongst fans and players as this announcement comes just 3 days after confirmation of 11 positive COVID-19 tests amongst players at workouts.

The NHL clearly isn’t listening to all the chatter about cancelling the season. They seem to clear on moving forward to set all the boundaries for the 24 team “COVID Cup” that is rumored to start at the end of July or early August. Bettman is playing a risky game moving so quickly with the next steps. The league is moving forward and they are sticking with it. This should be an interesting stretch leading up to Phase 3 on July 10.

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