Nickelodeon Election Fraud

Mitch Trubisky



We all know about the famous Nickelodeon slime. Nickelodeon got the sacred privilege of being able to broadcast a kid-friendly broadcast of the Saints vs Bears game. They had an award that was voted by the fans for the NVP (Nickelodeon’s Valuable Player). That player was promised an outstanding looking Nickelodeon slime blimp trophy and a chance to get slimed.



Barstool’s Big Cat helped get his Bears on the map with this award. He told everyone to vote for Mitch Trubisky for NVP. The fans had spoken and Mitch Trubisky was the winner of the NVP award.




Here is the sad thing. People voted online to see this player get SLIMED. Since Nickelodeon clearly doesn’t like fun and refused to slime Mitch Trubisky for winning the award. Do they hate entertainment? Think about the children. They came here to see some slimed NFL players and Nickelodeon clearly hates a good joke. What kind of example are we setting for the kids to not live up to a promise made on national TV?

The Nickelodeon Election Fraud is a real thing. We respect Big Cat for trying to give Trubusky a high note to a horrific end to their season. You can take away the slime from the award, but Trubisky will live in history as the winner and you cannot take that away.


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