No Bubble, Big Problems For The NBA As Another Game Gets Postponed.



Since January 10th, the NBA has postponed five games. As more games become postponed, questions loom on whether the NBA should bring back the bubble.   

This past December, Adam Silver called it “somewhat inevitable” that the season would have positive cases outside the bubble. The question now is, “what’s next?” Multiple NBA players, including LeBron James, have spoken out against the idea of going back into the bubble. Originally moving into the bubble was not easy for any of these athletes. Going back would be taking them away from their wives, kids, and the last little bit of normalcy they have left in their lives. 

Paul George had multiple stories come out about his mental health while living in the bubble. Richaun Holmes walked 10 feet outside the bubble to pick up a food order and was also forced to quarantine for ten days. Bruno Caboclo left his hotel room during the 48-hour test period and was also forced to quarantine for 10 days As perfect as the bubble looked on the outside, it was much different on the inside.  

Currently, the NBA and the NBPA are discussing the best way to go about it while trying to stay away from the bubble. Rumors have been thrown around about increasing the roster size to 17 players. This would also cut practice and shoot-around lengths, as well as limited interactions between teams off the courts. For the fans, whether the games are played in the bubble or as they are now, it won’t change much. As long as the season goes on, the fans will be there. 

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