Number 8 of Jack’s Favorite NHL Scumbags: Milan Lucic

Milan Lucic came into the NHL to fuck shit up and chew bubble gum but found no bubble gum in the NHL. Lucic came in as not a young buck but as a young bull taking on anyone and everyone. Lucic would fight your mom if it meant a chance at winning the Stanley Cup. He proved that long before reaching the NHL with his famous “the shift” as a Vancouver Giant taking head after head on the ice and ending the shift with a fight. In the fucking Memorial Cup mind you not.

After this Memorial Cup, he went on to be one of the greatest enforcers in the history of an Original Six franchise the Boston Bruins. Like a guy earlier on this list, he’s much like Ryan Reaves but with a whole lot more nasty to his game. Lucic will hit you so hard he’ll break the glass and send you right through it go ask the Toronto Maple Leafs. The leader of the “There Will Be Blood” club of Boston he almost never lost a fight dummying man after man that came before him in easy fashion.

None of this makes Lucic a scumbag so why is he on this list? Just ask Ryan Miller he’s most likely still whining about it. Miller stupidly went to play the puck in the faceoff dot when trying to deny Lucic of a breakaway and Lucic rocked his shit. Lucic received no suspension on the play which is 15 games in Massachusetts youth hockey not like I would know(my dad’s fault he defended Lucic and told me the goalie is a player when he leaves the net). However, I agree with Lucic you want to come out of the crease and make yourself a player, we’ll treat you that way and give you the smoke every day of the week.

I hate putting Lucic on the scumbag list because of these actions cause I’d legit do the same thing. Although, everyone is birds so I’ll begrudgingly put him on here for that purpose. Miller suffered a concussion on the play but hockey hero, Brendan Shanahan saw no problem with the play seeing Miller took a breakaway from Lucic. Play stupid games win stupid prizes. Lucic is a beast and will not make the Hockey Hall Of Fame but Lucic makes my favorite scumbags Hall Of Fame. I still don’t really think Lucic is a scumbag but everybody is sad because he beat up your mom’s favorite player and called her after the game. The first rule of Lucic fight club leave with your tooth chipped.

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