Old Mugshot of Bachelor Villain Queen Victoria Resurfaces

Matt James and Victoria



I knew there was something about this girl that we all didn’t like.

Victoria Larson, a.k.a “Queen Victoria” as she calls herself, is the producer’s pick in this Bachelor’s season. She stirs up the drama and makes the show exactly what we all expect. But here is something we didn’t expect.

Way back in 2012, the Queen saw herself getting cuffed up by the police after shoplifting over 250 dollars worth of items from a grocery store in Florida. She was caught because everything was on camera. The best part? She denied the whole thing until they showed her the videos. She then admitted to the crime.

Not a great look for the “queen” for this to be resurfacing during the airing of the reality show. However, it does get her name out there in the media world, which could be exactly what she wants. While she does have the experience of stealing, something tells me she will not be able to steal Matt’s heart this season on the Bachelor.

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