One Year Ago The CBC Fired Don Cherry



One year ago today, the hockey world was informed that the CBC would be firing Don Cherry after 33 years as the host of Coaches Corner. The Canadian icon was let go for using the words “you people” when addressing the fact that no one is wearing a poppy anymore in Toronto. Naturally, the unlikeable CBC waited a few days to fire Cherry choosing Veterans day (Memorial Day in Canada) to deliver the news. The timing of his firing was all for show, and the show was disrespectful as hell to a man who was carrying the network every Saturday for 33 years.  One year later, this situation is still as sad and unfortunate as the day it happened.


The NHL’s Ratings are now way down, Hockey Night In Canada lost about 1-2 million viewers every Saturday night, and even worse, the hockey world saw what a snake Ron MacLean really is with his constant virtue, signaling, and apologizing for hockey’s “culture.”He and Don helped create this culture that made him millions of dollars and gave him his platform.  The following day after the “you people” comment, Ron hosted “Hometown Hockey” where instead of defending the broadcasting legend and “best friend,” Ron decided to get a jump on apologizing for what Don said(a phrase he has always referred to the listeners as not just immigrants) which was basically the same as pulling out a steel chair from under the ring and hitting him over the head with it. In closing, wear a poppy, remember the fallen, and never forget what Grapes did for the game of hockey. Don Cherry forever YOU PEOPLE.


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