Opinion: AEW’s Tribute To Brodie Lee Was Beautifully Done



Unless you live under a rock, you would know that the wrestling world was shocked after Brodie Lee’s passing at the young age of 41. Coming into last week, we all knew an AEW tribute night was coming to Dynamite, but I don’t think any of us could have ever even imagined it being as special as it was.

(Jon Huber spent time in the WWE known as Luke Harper.)

Promotion owner Tony Khan is truly a class act. From letting Brodie Jr pick the matches for the entire card to making sure he was involved in the entire episode was very kind, to say the least. What happened after the show ended, though, will have you in tears. Tony brought out John Huber’s family, and, lead by Cody Rhodes and Khan, they put together maybe the most real and thoughtful gift to Hubers family. When AEW first came on the scene, I was skeptical at best, but Tony Khan is delivering a hell of a product and runs his business with compassion, unlike Vinny Mac(still the goat). I never thought I would see the day a nice guy survives in the wrestling world, but Tony Khan is carving a new path forward and has built quite the family at AEW.


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