Opinion: Kyrie Irving Is An All-Time Asshole



Kyrie Irving has been lights out to start the 2020-21 season. He’s averaging 27.1 points a game and shooting like the Kyrie of old. However, the Nets are just 4-4, as they have lost some tight games. Tonight the Nets without Kevin Durant, who has been unable to play due to quarantine per the NBA’s health and safety protocol. Obviously, Kyrie playing tonight was really important. Well, tonight, news surfaced that Kyrie also would not play tonight for “personal reasons”. The reason Kyrie opted not to play tonight was that he “just didn’t want to play. Yes, an NBA superstar making 35 million dollars this season has decided to play whenever he wants to. While most Americans can’t work due to the Coronavirus, Kyrie collects 200K to sit on his ass and let his team down.

For Nets ownership and fans, this is an absolute slap in the face, and it’s from a guy who has a constant history of being an all-time asshole. Whether he is smudging the demons from the Boston Garden or simply competing when he wants to, Kyrie Irving is already proving to be a massive problem for the Nets.  It didn’t make sense for Durant to recruit him then, and it sure doesn’t make much sense now. Kyrie Irving is an all-time asshole.

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