OPINION: O Canada What the Fuck is Happening to My Country



For many Canadians, this pandemic has opened our eyes to a ton of mismanagement and flat-out stupidity since the Coronavirus made its way from Wuhan China to the “Great White North”. This one-year journey seemed like it was off to a great start; CERB helped Canadians as they prepared for their “two weeks to flatten the curve”. The first set of lockdowns felt responsible, and I would be flat out lying if I said I didn’t support the first one. While it took longer than the two weeks we were promised as we rolled into Canada Day 2020, things were starting to feel normal.

Fake Light at the End of the Tunnel

The restaurant industry was picking up with indoor and outdoor dining. Live music had returned, be it behind a big weird piece of plexiglass. Regardless of the new regulations, thousands of small businesses made the necessary policy changes to ensure the safest environment possible. Small business was back open.

Fast forward to Christmas 2020. After the climate changed from summer to fall, the cases, like with any flu, began to rise. Just before Christmas, we Canadians were told there would be more incoming lockdowns.

The lockdowns are among the issues with this pandemic, but the biggest, most pressing issue isn’t the virus or lockdowns. The most pressing issue here is what happened to our charter of rights and freedoms?. We went from two weeks to flatten the curve to “If you go on vacation, you have to go to a government facility to quarantine”. Far too many Canadians have willingly laid down like a bunch of obedient mutts and allowed the very things we value as Canadians to be ripped from us. While mom and pop shops are forced to close, Billionaire big box companies are seeing record profits.

December 2020 – Present: The Bullshit Phase

I know dickheads in the media think it’s funny when someone like Chris Sky is added to the no-fly list for having a different opinion than them, but this isn’t really funny at all. It’s terrifying. Chris Sky is a conservative who has been flying across the country(legally), speaking at protests to end the lockdown and educate Canadians on their rights and freedoms that are being violated. Likewise, Chris Sky is a very unlikeable guy, and I understand that. However, the bottom line is he is not breaking any laws. The fact that the Government can add someone with no criminal history or criminal charges to the no-fly list for speaking should send chills up the spines of Canadians everywhere, regardless of your position.

Yes, the Coronavirus is real. Yes, the Coronavirus is dangerous to the elderly and obese people, but the cure can not be worse than the virus itself. Suicides are on the rise. People’s mental health is deteriorating rapidly, and life, as we know it in Canada, is becoming a thing of the past. However, this does not mean that Canadian citizens returning home from travel should be forced into Government camps. This is a violation of everything we as Canadians stand for. For Justin Trudeau to claim that this is not “Optional” is A.) not true, and B.) very concerning.

O’Canada, what the fuck is happening to my country.

What We Need to Do

What every Canadian needs to do heading into this dangerous time is straightforward: take a stand. By taking a stand, I mean in no way a stand as we saw during last summer’s protests. I mean, start using the word NO. Say NO to lockdowns. Say NO to forcing small businesses to close. If a business decides they need to open up to survive during this lockdown, walk by and shut your mouth about it. Whether you’re on the left or right, our rights are not political, they are essential. Feeding your family is essential. Returning home to YOUR country is essential. You are not a criminal for flying. You are not killing anyone by continuing to live your life. Anyone who tells you that is either a power-hungry control freak or a bum who wants to stay home forever. Just say no Canada.

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