OPINION: Shaq Will Bring BareKnuckle FC To The Big Time

Bare Knuckle FC



There is no question that the BareKnuckle FC event KnuckleMania event is a massive success.

The numbers speak for themselves. President David Feldman and the rest of the crew put together an amazing card. The fight card’s ability to showcase every technical aspect of the sport and what it has to offer was not done by accident. This is a well-thought-out event and it paid off massively. The fans want more.

To add to the excitement, Shaquille O’Neal will be investing. The giant 7-foot tall superstar has a personality that matches his size. Shaq’s global stardom mixed with the genius of the BKFC sport is a match made in heaven. The image of Shaq sitting ringside and presenting Dat Nguyen with the 135-pound belt after defeating then-champion Johnny Bedford is iconic. Shaq’s facial expression is pure joy. Like a lot of fans introduced to the sport that night, Shaq is hooked. He wants to get more involved. This is going to be interesting.



“These are the greatest, toughest athletes in the world,’’ O’Neal said to USA Today Sports. “The fact that they’re not using gloves makes them the toughest athletes in the world. I think this is the future of fighting.’’ Shaq is right. Bareknuckle FC is the future of fighting. Get on the wagon now or miss the trip to the moon. If you love combat sports, you will love Bareknuckle FC. The incredible product mixed with a global icon behind it literally can’t miss. Bareknuckle FC is here to stay. Do not miss out on the fun. The next stop is a TV deal. Shaq will promote this sport better than anyone else can. This is going to be electric.