OPINION: The McGregor VS Pacquiao Fight Will Happen



Conor McGregor is currently gearing up for a fight in the octagon with Dustin Poirier. However, McGregor said in an interview on the “Weighing In” podcast, that part of the reason he took the Poirier fight was to warm up for a boxing match with Manny Pacquiao. Poirier and Pacquiao are both southpaw fighters with lots of power. There is hype around a fight with YouTube star Jake Paul but, the real prize for Conor would be a money fight with the Filipino legend.

The feeling is a mutual one. Manny Pacquiao has said, “They (Conor McGregor/Errol Spence Jr) are my options, but right now I want to experience fighting an MMA (fighter).” Pacquiao has seen the publicity and the money Floyd Mayweather brought in when he boxed the Irish star. Manny now wants a piece of that pie in what most would assume is an easy fight for him.

I would not expect this fight to take place until fans are allowed back into arenas. Pacquiao is currently working as a Senator in the Philippines. Manny, however, does plan to return to the ring in the next few months. The 42-year-old would love one or two more big paydays before he decides to retire. This fight makes sense for all parties involved. This isn’t McGregor beating some YouTuber to death. The fighters get paid, the fans get a super fight, and McGregor gets his shot at a boxing world title everybody wins. Would you pay to see McGregor versus Pacquiao? Let us know.

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