OPINION: Torey Krug Make Like Dennis Wideman And Get The Fuck Out Of Boston

I have waited four long years to say this.

Don Sweeney could have traded Torey Krug at the deadline or sooner but made the mistake of holding onto him. Now our memories of Krug will be him getting walked like a good dog in the park by Tampa Bay’s Bogosian and Point. Not to mention him doing nothing while Pat Maroon stood in-front of the net ending the Bruins season. Krug’s departure is addition by subtraction for the Bruins, and I feel bad for The Blues for getting Krug on such an awful long-term deal.

Torey Krug was a fantastic leader here but a terrible defensive player. This is the best thing to happen to the Bruins as we avoided paying a bad defenseman a terrible cap hit. Have fun in St. Louis with a defenseman that can put up points but can’t stop an unskilled old has been like Bogosian coming down the ice. Krug never played significant minutes, nor did he deserve to in Boston. To add to it, he doesn’t deserve a raise either, he scored points which will earn him one, but he failed to keep the puck out of the net his entire career. 

 Lastly, for your power-play good luck, Krug will account for more shorthanded goals than you can imagine. Krug for those of you that discount plus and minus need to see him play to see how he gets overpowered and his constant mistakes in his zone that many people forget. As a minus 16 in the last four seasons, Boston says goodbye to the minus machine Torey Krug. I can not wait till the Bruins play against you for an easy target. We will not miss the player but we will miss the person as Torey Krug is a class act.

Sincerely, Boston

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