Opinion: Why Not Pardoning Joe Exotic Should Lead To A Third Donald Trump Impeachment



After causing a riot two weeks ago, President Donald Trump had a chance to right his wrong. Donald Trump needed to pardon Joe Exotic to bring the country together, and like a lot of things lately, he fucking blew it. Joe Exotic is currently serving a 22-year prison sentence for plotting to kill Carole Baskin, a long-time rival of Joe’s in the tiger world. After Netflix debuted the documentary Tiger King, anyone who doesn’t see that Joe’s arrest and undoing was clearly set up, you have rocks in your brain.

Now did Joe Exotic want to kill Carole Baskin? yes, but he did not try to pay Jeff Lowe’s jailbird inbred to do it. Those band of fat stinky carnival freaks and that murderer Carole Baskin set Joe up. We are officially calling on congress to begin drafting articles of impeachment against Donald Trump. He must be impeached for the third time. I don’t care if his term is over. This is unforgivable is by far his worst offense.

Donald Trump’s son Don Jr has been talking up the possibility of his father pardoning Joe Exotic since the documentary hit the world in March of 2020. All the Joe Exotic pardon talk from Jr was just for social media likes. It also seems like President Trump and his staff were playing games with Joe. His legal team was so confident they had a limo on stand by and were waiting for the call to release the Tiger King from his cage. That call never came. Nancy Pelosi, you must impeach Donald Trump a third time for this. They were even going to stop for Mcribs on the way home. Tragic.

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