Phase One of the Draft Lottery is Set

The 2020 NHL Entry Draft Lottery is set! Well, kinda. We have seven of the top eight picks locked in for the upcoming draft, while the remaining 24 teams still have to play to finalize the entire first-round order. Going into the lottery, the Detroit Red Wings had an 18.5% chance at the top pick. Detroit had a terrible season, managing only 17 wins in 71 games played. They are a team in dire need of some help and landing the first overall pick would be a huge help. Adding an elite young talent like Alexis Lafrenière would give them an immediate upgrade on Dylan Larkin’s wing. Lafrenière won’t be enough alone, luckily Detroit has three second-round picks this year.

Ottawa was in the best position out of any of the six lottery teams. Ottawa held a 13.5% chance at the top pick with their own first-round pick, as well as an 11.5% chance with San Jose’s first-round pick. A pick they acquired in the Erik Karlsson trade. Rounding out the rest of the lottery teams and their odds we have Los Angeles (9.5%), Anaheim (8.5%), New Jersey (7.5%), and Buffalo (6.5%). If you want a fancy graphic to see how the other lottery spots break down, I got you covered.

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Draft Lottery Results

Now that we’ve covered the odds going into the lottery, let’s look at how it all shook out.

The first overall pick of the NHL Draft Lottery goes to…


A play-in team won the lottery this year and the chaos of this 2019-20 season continues. Since we can’t dive too deep into this pick, let’s move on to the rest of the top 8 picks.

  • 8th Pick – Buffalo Sabres
  • 7th Pick – New Jersey Devils
  • 6th Pick – Anaheim Ducks
  • 5th Pick – Ottawa Senators
  • 4th Pick – Detroit Red Wings
  • 3rd Pick – Ottawa Senators (from San Jose)
  • 2nd Pick – Los Angeles Kings

8 Pick Mock Draft

It’s fairly safe to assume that Alexis Lafrenière will be going first overall no matter which team wins phase two of the draft lottery. Taking him out of the equation, we can now start arguing over which top prospect goes next in our mock drafts. So, why not kick things off now. I’m not a prospect guru, I won’t dive into a deep analysis for these picks. This is just version one of many mock drafts coming up.


2nd Pick: Los Angeles Kings select:

Quinton Byfield, C, Sudbury Wolves OHL

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3rd Pick: Ottawa Senators select:

Tim Stützle, C/LW, Adler Mannheim, DEL

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4th Pick: Detroit Red Wings select:

Lucas Raymond, RW/LW, Frölunda HC, SHL

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5th Pick: Ottawa Senators select:

Marco Rossi, C, Ottawa 67’s, OHL

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6th Pick: Anaheim Ducks select:

Alexander Holtz, RW, Djurgårdens IF, SHL


7th Pick: New Jersey Devils select:

Jamie Drysdale, D, Erie Otters, OHL

Image via Aaron Bell / OHL Images

8th Pick: Buffalo Sabres select:

Cole Perfetti, C, Saginaw Spirit, OHL

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There you have it. The NHL draft lottery still leaves the conversation open-ended until we get back to playing hockey again. Rest assured that this will not be the last mock draft you will see, everyone will be putting their own drafts out shortly. Take these with a grain of salt, nobody really knows how the draft will play out, but its fun to make some guesses!


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