Pierre-Luc Dubois Needs To Be Traded Before It’s Too Late

Pierre-Luc Dubois



It was just a few days ago that Blue Jacket fans were wondering about the future of Pierre-Luc Dubois. The former third-overall pick in the 2016 draft has established himself as the number one center in Columbus. Even with this status, Dubois is not happy with his current situation. It took until New Year’s Eve for Columbus and Dubois to strike on a bridge deal to keep him in Columbus for the next two years.



Although Dubois is now signed in Columbus for the next few years, this doesn’t mean he is a lock to stay there. Leading up to this extension, he has been very vocal about not being happy in Columbus and wouldn’t mind a change in scenery. The deal is an absolute steal for anyone who has him on the team and sets him up for a major pay-day after the contract is up.

A team like Columbus has been on a wild ride over the last few seasons. After watching three superstar free agents leave in Panarin, Duchene, and Bobrovsky for free-agency last year to making the playoffs with no expectations heading into the season, it seems the team is in a great place. The addition of Max Domi and Mikko Koivu adds some much-needed help to center where Dubois has all the heavy work. I am not saying these two can take over for Dubois, but it is great to have some support.



Having a guy with the status of Dubois is a great situation for Columbus. He is still young, has some unreached potential that could turn him into a top forward in the league, and his contract is great. His trade value is at an all-time high for Columbus. If they decide to keep him, they still have their top center, but if they decide to trade him, the return could be significant.

If I am Columbus, I would be looking around for a new place for a Dubois. When you have a young team like Columbus, you want young players who want to be there and frow the team into something special. Anyone else on the team is just a distraction to the team. I wouldn’t want all this drama in a locker room I would be in every day. Might as well cash in while you can before it is too late and the value is deceased into nothing. Your call Columbus. Do you gamble it all and try and make it work or do you cash out while you still have a chance?

Columbus has the higher hand on any team that wants a crack at Dubois. They control the contract, the final say, and the terms of a potential trade. I would be all-in on a guy like Dubois. First-round picks will be involved and it will be interesting to see if Columbus bites the bullet. They already got rid of another RFA in Josh Anderson. Who is to say they won’t do it again?

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