Dak Prescott is Staying in Dallas.




For Dak Prescott, the wait is finally over in Dallas and he has a new contract with the Cowboys.

This is something most of us have been waiting to see the results of for what seems like forever. Dak Prescott was franchise tagged last year by Dallas. His career in Dallas wasn’t exactly certain.

Today it was announced that Dak has signed a new contract with Dallas, but the value is extraordinary. The contract is a four-year, $160M deal. For the first three years of Dak Prescott’s new contract, he will make roughly $42M per year. This would make Prescott the second-highest-paid QB in the NFL on average salary per year, behind only Patrick Mahomes who makes roughly $45M per year. Dak’s contract consists of $126M fully guaranteed. This contract also consists of a no-trade clause as well as a no-tag provision.



Most people expected the team to franchise tag him again this year. The franchise tag deadline is coming up on Tuesday. Much of this is due to the fact that the Cowboys don’t have a number set for what their final salary cap will be.

This works out great for both the Cowboys and Dak. With Prescott being 27, they have signed him until the age of 31. They will be getting the absolute best out of Prescott. Prescott has just over 1,800 yards in just five games last season. During this time, he has a 68% completion percentage. Dak was on an absolutely historic pace passing for over 500 yards against Cleveland in week four of last season. At the time, he was averaging 422 passing yards per game. If Prescott continues this, he very well could be an MVP contender this season.

Dallas is in hopes this contract brings new life to the organization and they can get a healthy and ready-to-play Prescott next season.



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