Quinton Byfield Has Arrived You Idiots

Quinton Byfield Team Canada




Coming into this tournament, noted USA superfan and Tarps Off’employee Jack Gotsell joined the many mislead dummies in the hockey world and declared Quinton Byfield is “Overrated”. Tonight Byfield put up 6 points in team Canada’s 10-0 victory over Switzerland, showing the haters why he was selected second overall in last October’s NHL Draft by the LA Kings. Byfield has been the youngest player on the team for two years running, but this time around, the kid has utilized his speed and size.

If you’re a fan of the Kings, you should have a half-chub after watching that dominating performance. Nothing better than seeing a guy pull out his wrench and drag it across the face of those who doubt him. Byfield now sits third in the scoring race registering 2 goals and 5 assists for 7 points in 3 games. Death, Taxes, and Jack Gotsell being wrong. Quinton Byfield has arrived you, idiots.

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