Rapper Lil Pump Banned From Flying JetBlue After Refusing To Wear A Mask

Lil Pump and Donald



Lil Pump will NOT be allowed to fly JetBlue anymore after the airline claims he refused to wear a mask while up in the air. According to a Jet Blue representative, the young star was on one of their Saturday flights from Fort Lauderdale to L.A. became verbally abusive with crew members after the Trump-supporting rapper decided to take off his mask mid-flight. After being advised to put his mask back on, the young rapper refused to put it back over his face. Lil Pump has been generating a lot of attention recently with outbursts like this.

The incident was so intense that the airline had the cops on standby at LAX, although the rapper was not charged or arrested over the incident. This is the latest outburst from the widely outspoken rapper. After the flight touched down, the 20-year-old Pump posted a message for JetBlue and for anyone who thinks COVID is real.

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