Reacting to the First Week of NHL Games

First Week of Games


One week down and a lot more to go. This NHL season is barely alive and we already have some interesting outcomes from the first week of games. Buffalo and Detroit are in the top third of the league. The Montreal Canadiens look to be the front runners for the first overall pick in the 2022 NHL Draft. Anze Kopitar is tied for the league lead in points. Now I know that it is only week one and some teams have only played 2 games, but where the is the fun of not creating chaos. So here are a few of my reactions from the first week of the NHL season.



The Montreal Canadiens STINK

Yes, the team that just lost in the Stanley Cup Finals could end up being the worst team in the league this year. They are 0-5 with a -15 goal differential. They have scored just 4 goals in those five games. That’s downright embarrassing. They lost 5-1 to Buffalo and 5-0 to San Jose. Those are two teams that finished in the bottom 5 of the league last season and both teams dropped 5 goals on a team that allowed 2.77 goals per game last season. Now they did lose Carey Price, but last year Jake Allen was a more than serviceable backup. They lose Kotkaniemi to the Hurricanes but brought in Christian Dvorak. Losing Shea Weber to injury also doesn’t help their cause. It is still only 5 games into the season but early signs are pointing to Montreal being the bottom feeders in the league.

The Chicago Blackhawks also STINK

With all the moves this team made in the offseason, they had some fooled into thinking that they were playoff contenders. They trade for Marc-Andre Fleury to fix the issue between the pipes. All he’s done is give up 12 goals in 3 games off 75 shots. That is a .840 SV% for those who are mathematically challenged. Not the type of numbers your $7 million tendy should be putting up. They “upgraded” the defense by trading for Seth Jones who looks less and less like a $9.5 million defenseman by the game. They traded for Tyler Johnson to help boost the nonexistent offense. This team has looked atrocious in their first 5 games. They are 0-4-1 and that 1 point they got against New Jersey saw them scoring 2 goals in the last 5 minutes on the man advantage and pulling the goalie. The team is struggling to put the puck in the net and struggling to keep the puck out of their net. They get Detroit in their next game on Sunday. So maybe the offense can wake up. But if this trend continues it will be a long season for Blackhawks fans.

The Florida Panthers are Stanley Cup Contenders

Hockey in Florida is finally back. Well, at least it is in Sunrise. The Panthers through four games look like a top 3 team in the league if not the best. In their first game of the year, they rallied back down 4-2 late in the 3rd to force overtime and pick up the win. Then in their next game, they took down the Isles by a score of 5-1, then they had a game against the defending Stanley Cup champions the Panthers went on the road and dropped 4 on their in-state rival to pick up a 4-1 win. In last night’s game, they beat the odds on favorite to win the Cup in the Colorado Avalanche by a score of 4-1. The man leading the way is none other than the captain. Aleksander Barkov has 5 points in 4 games. The extensions to the Sam’s (Bennett and Reinhart) both look good early. Spencer Knight looked great in his first start and Bobrovsky looks like he did back in his Columbus days. I am full on the Panthers’ wagon and fully expect them to make a playoff run this year. While it’s only 4 games deep they are looking pretty damn good if you ask me.

The Pacific Divison is WIDE Open

As it stands at this moment in time the top three teams in the Pacific Division are as follows. Edmonton in 1st, San Jose in 2nd, and Vancouver in 3rd. Exactly how we all saw this division playing out. Vegas was the favorite to win the division coming into the season. They won their opener against the Kraken but dropped their next two to the Kings and the Blues. It could very easily be a couple of bad games for Vegas. But if they regress from last season then they are no longer favorites to win the division and then at that point legitimately anyone in this division can win it. Right now Edmonton sits atop the division but who knows how long that defense will hold up. Start throwing at the dartboard and you may find yourself a Pacific Division winner.

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